A guide to the Serbian mentality – Momo Kapor

1,156.10 RSD Sa PDV-om

Autor: Momo Kapor
ISBN: 9788677124717
Godina izdanja: 2020
Broj strana: 317
Pismo: Latinica
Povez: Mek
Format: 21 cm

Izdavač: Knjiga komerc

Belgrade author and painter Momo Kapor has spent many years studying the mentality of his countrymen. The fruit of this literary research is this book, a book that will help you grasp the essence of the Serbian people and their way of life. This longtime columnist for the distinguished Serbian daily Politika and the monthly magazine JAT Review, published by JAT Airways, has compiled the best and most interesting of his articles for this book, which is richly illustrated with his own drawings. This book’s readers will learn, through a self-ironic and humorous tone typical of books by George Mikesh, Efraim Kishon and Art Buchwald, what Serbs like and dislike, whom they admire and despise, what they eat and what they drink, how they spend their free time, what they dream about and what they believe; in a word, book is about what constitutes a Serb from the inside.

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