Chilandar: Manastir Hilandar (na engleskom) – Dimitrije Bogdanović

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  • Broj strana: 221
  • Format:260 x 300
  • Povez: Tvrd
  • Pismo: Latin
  • ISBN:978-86- 7413- 105-0

Chilandar: Manastir Hilandar (na engleskom) – Dimitrije Bogdanović

The Serbian monastery of Chilandar on the Athos peninsula in Greece was founded towards the end of the 12th century. The Holy Mountain of Athos,an autonomous enclave of Ortodox monasticism with a history stretching back a thousand years has preserved the traditions of medieval spirituality and priceless works of art in its monastery treasuries. In the Middle Ages it was a fount of Byzantine culture.As the gathering-place of monks from many Ortodox nations,it played an important role in the histories of the Orthodox lands of eastern and south-eastern Europe.

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